Assist Helpdesk

Assist is the only Help Desk specifically designed for the special requirements that are required by schools. The unique nature of schools that have a laptop program require facilities that corporate help desk products cannot deliver on. The system is web based and is not restricted to user licenses.

Here are the fundamentals of the Assist Help Desk system:

  • Overnight or ad hoc synchronization with your main schools database including current relationships
  • A sophisticated ticket management incorporating Asset control and analytic capture mechanisms.
  • User entry and tracking of their tickets and assets
  • Built in messaging to keep customers apprised any actions on their issues
  • SMS capabilities to inform students/staff when equipment is ready for collection
  • Asset management with capabilities to bulk upload and bulk change assets.
  • Fast and sophisticated search mechanisms to find information quickly
  • Consumables tracking and optional charging
  • Asset lending and tracking with automatic reminders
  • Knowledge base with diarized events to generate issues
  • Automatic Slot management built into the ticket and lending systems
  • Asset Expiry Diaries to track rollover periods
  • Acquisition tracking when purchasing equipment on behalf of students
  • Email interface to accept issues directly from your community.
  • Financial Asset management and reconciliation
  • Asset stocktake management
  • Ready for collection pages for school display boards
  • RSS Feed Generation
  • Interlaced Lending of Assets and linking back to associated tickets
  • Audio Visual bookings and tracking
  • Free Maintenance System for your maintenance crew
  • and much, much more….

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